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Each capillary impairment requires adequate care. The Placenta range is designed for thinning and hair loss. Each product is specially formulated and dosed with components chosen for their special affinity and to provide maximum efficiency.

The key ingredient, a physiological nutrient fluid (the TECHNOBION® BL LS 8407), is a biotechnological placenta substitute. The Lactococcus lactis is a biolysate obtained from lactic acid microorganisms which are extracted, purified and stabilized cytosol. A complex stable and rich in amino acids, minerals and trace elements, a natural similarity with organic nutrient fluids such as liquid or aminiotique placental extracts. Lactococcus lactis (vegetal placenta), a nutrient complex, energizing, regenerating, and its bioelements meet the nutritional needs of the capillary system; combined with a light massage of the scalp, it helps to activate blood circulation in the affected area and restore basic elementary properties to hair growth.

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